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Aus Auto Smash Repaires

Attention to detail is what makes our repairs so unique. Your vehicle will be treated like a queen from the moment it enters the workshop. We follow a strict protocol in order to ensure you receive repairs which exceed your expectation. Our strict protocol is as follows:

Vehicle assessment: Professionally assessing the vehicle while you wait and indulge at our coffee bar. During this process we decide on the best and cost effective way to conduct the repairs. 
Gaining insurance authority (if needed): This protocol does not apply if you are undergoing private repairs. If you’re undergoing repairs through insurance, an insurance assessor is required to inspect the vehicle in order for the Aus Auto team to gain approval and undergo the repairs. During the process, our specialised claims department will relief the stress from you by processing the paperwork on your behalf. 
Undergoing repairs: Once Aus Auto has gained authority from insurance (if undergoing repairs through insurance), your vehicle is then booked into the bodywork department. This is when genuine parts are ordered and needed, panel and structual repairs are then taken place. 
Paint: Your vehicle is then transferred to the paint department. During this process, a specialised colour coder mixes and matches the colour while the vehicle undergoes paint preparation. The vehicle is then professionally painted and baked in our market leading fully down draft spray booth.
Production manager inspection: The vehicle is inspected in order to ensure the repairs are in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. When the vehicle successfully passes this inspection, the production manager then warrants the “Lifetime Repair Guarantee”.
 Wash and detailing: The vehicle receives its Aus Auto complementary wash and full detail prior to its release

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